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Gaming PCs Built to Win at Mwave! Our Desktop PCs offer ready to go gaming performance, seamless home and office desktops that are powerful enough for multimedia applications. Compare Mwave's Desktop PCs and get the best desktop PC to suit your needs.

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At Mwave, we offer a large selection of desktop PCs to choose from. We have something for everyone’s needs and budget. We stock branded desktops, All-in-Ones (AIOs), gaming PCs, workstations, custom gaming PCs, servers and many more!


What desktop PC do I need?

Our large selection of desktop PCs can be a little daunting. Let’s break it down. If you are a home or office user, then one of our Mwave home and office PCs would be suitable. Many of our home and office PCs are based on Intel NUC barebones PCs. We also offer a range of branded small form-factor PCs from leading PC brands such as Asus, Dell, HP and many more!


Gamers can choose any of our gaming oriented Ready-to-Go PCs, build-to-order gaming PCs, branded gaming PCs, IEM certified PCs and more. These gaming PCs are designed with performance in mind with high-end dedicated graphics cards, overclockable CPUs and fast solid-state storage options.

Working professionals needing a high-performance PC for content creation, rendering, 3D modelling, virtualisation or other highly demanding tasks can choose from our range of build-to-order workstations. Our workstation PCs are designed with performance in mind with components such as high-core-count CPUs and dedicated workstation graphics cards such as Quadro and Radeon Pro GPUs.

We also stock pre-built servers for those needing servers for businesses. Our range of servers are available with Windows 7 downgrade options for improved program compatibility.