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What is a CPU?

The CPU (central processing unit) is quite literally the core element of every computer. Your CPU is the deciding factor in the overall speed of your PC, as well as being the heart of your its basic computational functions. There are two main manufacturers of CPUs – AMD and Intel. Mwave stocks CPUs from both so are sure to have something to suit your needs and budget. 


How do I choose a CPU?


When choosing a CPU, you need to take into account the features and specs. Key points to consider for your specific circumstances are the cores, cache, socket compatibility, and integrated graphics processing units (iGPUs). More cores means that they can share the load of the processor, which in turn leads to more speed and efficiency for you. Be aware though that typically the more powerful a CPU is, the more power it will consume and thus produce more heat requiring high-performance CPU cooling.
To find the best CPU for your gaming system, it is important to consider which games you will be playing on it. Certain games require CPUs with high clock speeds on just one or two cores, while other games benefit from multiple cores. With this in mind, finding the best CPU processor for your gaming PC should factor in gaming benchmarks as well as your budget.