Solid State Drives (SSD)

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Showing 1 - 40 of 257 Products

Mwave can help you improve the performance of your computer with our range of SSDs. We stock all types of SSDs that you may need. Regardless of the SSD, all types of SSDs are faster than HDDs. Along with being faster than HDDs, SSDs also offer the benefits of being quieter, more compact, durable and reliable. Mwave offers a range of SSDs, from entry level SATA based SSDs up to high-end ultra-fast NVMe M.2 PCIe SSDs.


What SSD do I need?

If you are value conscious a SATA based SSD will work best for you and they are available in both M.2 and 2.5” form factors such as the Crucial MX500 (2.5”/M.2). Those who want the fastest experience will want to buy an NVMe based SSD which offers the highest speeds though cost more than SATA SSDs.


SSDs are too expensive!

Not necessarily. If you are price sensitive, then it may be worthwhile considering a dual drive option. A dual drive setup normally uses a low/medium capacity SSD as a boot device for your operating system (along with a couple of programs) and a high capacity HDD for files such as documents, music and videos. An example would be using a 250GB SSD as a boot drive and a 3TB HDD for storage.