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What is a graphic card?

A graphic card is a computer component that renders images, videos, 3D graphics and animation to your monitor. Usually, the graphic card is mounted in a slot of the motherboard. The better your graphic cards, the smoother the image it produces on your screen. This is particularly important for fast-paced gaming or video editing which normally contains more complex and high-definition visuals. 

Type of graphic cards

There are two types of graphic cards: integrated and discrete. 

  • Integrated: the built-in graphic card which is installed by manufacturers in most "standard" laptops or pre-built PC computers. The integrated card is ideal for standard tasks in the home and office work, such as website surfing, watching movies, reading emails or document. Although the built-in card is cost effective, it is normally difficult to upgraded.
  • Discrete: the add-on graphic card that is installed as an extra component on the motherboard. This is ideal for those who want to custom or upgrade their PC for gaming purpose or professional works which run graphics intensive software in the photo and video editing.

Chipset Manufacturers

There are two main manufacturers of graphic cards: AMD and NVIDIA. Although there are a few differences between the two, they both serve the same job with similar function. 

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