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Showing 1 - 40 of 565 Products

Buy keyboards from Mwave!

The two main ways of interacting with your computer are with a keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is widely considered to be the more critical device. Keyboards are available in many sizes, switch types and more. For heavy typers, a high-quality keyboard can mean a reduced risk of injury (e.g. RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury). Our range of keyboards also include wireless and RGB keyboards.

Which keyboard size do I need?

Keyboards are available in a variety of sizes ranging from compact (60%), tenkeyless - TKL (80%) and full-size (100%). Some keyboards can be even larger with several macro keys and media buttons.


Why do I need a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboards are often considerably more expensive than membrane keyboards - especially keyboards that use a Cherry RGB switch. Mechanical keyboards work by utilising individual switches for each key giving them a robust and consistent feel.


Despite the benefits of mechanical keyboards, many people still prefer the feel of membrane keyboards. Instead of individual switches for each key, membrane keyboards utilise two circuit boards and a rubber ‘dome’ membrane to cushion the keys. As a result membrane keyboards can suffer from inconsistent key feel and typically do not last as long as mechanical switches.