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Play the latest games when you buy an all-new gaming laptop from Mwave's inventory. Gaming laptops made by leading manufacturers such as ASUS, Razer, MSI, Gigabyte, Lenovo and HP are available for purchase. These gaming laptops are designed to provide the best performance that will enable you to play current and next-gen games.

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Showing 1 - 40 of 142 Products

Buy gaming laptops from Mwave!


At Mwave, we stock a variety of gaming laptops to suit your needs and budget. Our range of gaming laptops range in size from 13” up to 17”+ and feature varying specifications. Laptops have become more powerful over time (especially in the graphics card department). This means that by using a laptop, you will no longer experience such a compromised gaming experience. We stock gaming laptops from different manufacturers that do not compromise on performance, battery life or portability. These no-compromise gaming laptops include the; Razer Blade, Gigabyte Aero, MSI Stealth and Asus Zephyrus which feature up to RTX 2080 graphics cards. We also stock Microsoft Surface Book hybrid laptops/tablets which are some of the most powerful hybrid laptops/tablets produced featuring up to GTX 1650 on 13.5" models and GTX 1660Ti on 15" models. We stock gaming laptops from leading laptop brands such as ASUS (ROG)AcerGigabyteMSIRazer and many more!


Why do I need a gaming laptop?


If you only use a browser to play games, you most likely do not need a gaming laptop. However, if you want to play the latest and most popular games, you will need a laptop that meets today's games' minimum or recommended software and hardware requirements. While you might be able to play resource-intensive games with an ordinary notebook, its components will most likely degrade faster than usual, or worse, even break. So, if you intend to spend a lot of time playing, you are better off if you use a gaming laptop.


A gaming laptop versus a gaming PC, which is better?


Each has its pros and cons. If you play at home, then a gaming PC should be a better choice. Plus, a gaming PC is typically easier to upgrade than a gaming laptop. But if you want to be able to play anywhere and anytime then a gaming laptop is the best choice – this applies in particular to frequent travellers. A gaming laptop may also be suitable for content creators, 3D modellers and other professionals who may require strong performance for their work.


What is the best gaming laptop?


Because new gaming laptops with better specs come out during the year, determining which is best based on and performance will be dependent on user experience and whether a certain laptop meets user expectations. Typically most desktop replacement ultra-high-end gaming laptops feature insane components sometimes even desktop-class components. These monster gaming laptops come with a high price tag to match the components. Some ultra-thin gaming laptops feature components that perform not far off ultra-high-end desktop replacement gaming laptops but do sacrifice some performance for improved portability. Mid-high-end gaming laptops may feature the same components as high-end thin gaming laptops but may sacrifice some portability or build-quality. Entry-level gaming laptops offer an attractive price tag but may compromise on build quality, portability or components. In the end, the best gaming laptop for you is the one that meets your needs and budget.