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All you need to know about Laptops

Laptops, or notebooks, come in a variety of different forms.  A powerful and efficient device, laptop can deliver all the important functions that a PC computer can, but in a more portable and versatile fashion by combining all the components of a desktop computer.


How to choose my Laptop

The specifications and features of your laptop should depend on the purpose for your laptop, whether it may be for business, consumer, or gaming.  For the former two purposes, Ultrabooks and Chromebooks can also be appropriate.  Ultrabooks are designed to have less bulk and a sustainable battery life by using solid-state drives (SSD) and low-power Intel Cores; however, due to their limited size, these devices tend to omit some typical laptop features such as optical disc drives and Ethernet ports.  Owned by Google, Chromebooks are a type of laptop that run Chrome OS as its operating system, and are designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet.  Both of these laptops are viable options for business and consumer purposes, with Ultrabooks being the ideal on-the-go option, and Chromebooks for those who have frequent web access.  Additionally, touchscreen laptops are also a viable option, as well as hybrid laptop designs that can also be operated as tablets.


On the other hand, gaming laptops tend to have more powerful ­­components, such as a strong processor, video card, and RAM (Random Access Memory).  These are crucial to run the graphically intensive and power demanding games of today, and hence, are usually more expensive than the aforementioned notebooks.  Other factors that may differ to those laptops include size and weight, so you should consider whether these will have an impact on you.


All in all, there are a few common things you need to consider before purchasing any type of laptop.  These include OS (Operating System), size (most popular sizes include 11", 13", 15" and 17"), CPU, RAM, Hard Drive, SSDs (Solid State Drives), flash cache, display, graphics chip, and battery life.


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