Intel Desktop CPU

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Showing 1 - 40 of 48 Products

Mwave can provide you with a performance boost with Intel’s CPU range. Intel offer CPUs from the entry level Celeron and Pentium to the more powerful i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors. Any processor ending in ‘K’ or ‘X’ means that it has an unlocked multiplier and is overclockable for extra performance. Intel offer two lines of CPUs, their mainstream CPUs utilize socket LGA1151 and their high-end CPUs utilize socket LGA2066.


Keep in mind that Intel CPUs also require a certain chipset to ensure they work properly. Older 8th Gen CPUs require Z370, H370 or B360 motherboards. Current 9th Gen CPUs can work in older Z370 motherboards - though new Z390 provide extra power for the more powerful i9 CPUs . Current high-end 'X' CPUs require X299 motherboards. Also note that 'X' CPUs will require a dedicated GPU as they do not have integrated graphics.



Which Intel CPU do I need?

Intel offers CPUs from entry-level Celeron and Pentiums, mainstream i3 CPUs all the way up to the high-end i7 and i9 CPUs that may require different motherboards.


Celeron and Pentium processors provide ample performance for light use such as Office, watching YouTube/Netflix and browsing the web.


The Intel Core i3 range all provide 4 cores for ample performance in light multitasking and gaming. Intel Core i5 CPUs offer a performance boost with 6 cores for a small bump in purchase price. Whereas the i7 and i9 CPUs offer the best performance - both being 8 core CPUs (i9 including hyperhtreading thus increasing the thread count to 16).


Intel’s high-end ‘X’ processors uses the X299 chipset which can improve connectivity, upgradability and expandability. Depending on the model, they can offer increased core counts, increased PCIe lanes and can work with high RAM capacities.