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What is a Hard Disk Drive for?

In short, Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is to store all of your data. All documents like photos, music, videos and even your programs and operating system are all stored in your computer's hard drive.
If your hard drive is damaged by some reasons, a big chance is that you can lose all the data. That's the reason why many people need a backup system, which is the second external hard drive to copy, save and restore all the important files.

4 Main Types of HDD connection

  • USB: the most common connection type. There’s no set-up at all. Just plug it in. The computer recognises the drive, and you’re able to read and save files almost instantly.
  • FireWire: Plug-and-play like USB, Firewire 800 is significantly faster, making it popular with those transferring video files.
  • SATA: this is the standard connection for internal hard drives. Offers the highest file transfer speeds of any format.
  • eSATA: a less common, high-performance connection most commonly found in PCs. An eSATA connection performs at speeds that most closely resemble an internal drive.

How big of a hard drive do you need?

Everything that can be saved on a hard drive is measured in terms of its size. Text is very small, pictures are larger, music is even bigger, and video is the biggest of the bunch.

A hard drive is like a scale. It doesn’t know the difference between things that are on it; it only knows their size. But instead of kilograms, a hard drive measures things in terms of megabytes (MB), gigabytes (GB) and terabytes (TB.)