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At Mwave we stock a large variety of wireless networking devices and accessories that you may need. Wireless networking has come leaps and bounds over the recent years with speeds on par with wired connections in the ideal environment. Advancements in wireless networking has allowed new devices such as TVs, gaming consoles and even appliances such as coffee machines, fridges and washing machines to become connected to your home network. Our wireless networking stock includes devices and accessories such as wireless access points, range extenders, modems/routers/gateways, WiFi adapters and many more! The most recent WiFi standard is ‘AC’ with a number following it - the higher the number, the faster the connection speed will be. We stock wireless networking devices and accessories from leading networking brands such as D-Link, Netgear, Ubiquiti and many more!


Why should I build a wireless network?

Wired networks will most certainly remain the most stable (and thus the most suitable in network critical environments such as hospitals, finance companies etc). However, this doesn’t mean that wireless networks are bad - not at all. As stated above, wireless networks have come a long way in recent years. Wireless networks are great in environments such as heritage listed buildings and rental properties where you may not be allowed to drill holes into walls for ethernet cables. WiFi is also very convenient which saves on install and connection times. If you live in a high-rise, apartment then ensure you invest in good wireless networking hardware because entry-level devices will drown under the many other closeby wireless networks. Wireless networks are almost becoming a necessity with many devices - including laptops - no longer featuring ethernet ports.