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Shop radiators at Mwave!

At Mwave, we stock a variety of radiators for your water cooling loop to suit your needs and budget. Radiators are a critical part of a liquid or water cooling loop as they (along with attached fans) help to cool the coolant of a loop and thus keep your components cool. The radiators we stock are based on 120mm, 140mm and 180mm and vary in size between single up to quad fan size. We also stock radiators with varying thickness. Some people may prefer thinner radiators and use more of them as fans do not need to spin as fast and thus run quieter. Others may need or want thick radiators for maximum cooling potential, though needing fans to spin fast to move air through the thick radiators and thus can be noisy. We offer radiators from leading water cooling brands such as Alphacool, Bitspower, EKWB, Thermaltake and more!