PC Water Cooling System

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At Mwave, we offer a wide range of PC water cooling options (aka liquid cooling) to suit any of your needs and budget. For beginners or for those wanting something that won’t leak, we offer All-in-One (AIO) water cooling solutions. These AIO water cooling solutions offer hassle-free no maintenance and easy installation. Some AIO solutions offer unique features such as expandability, RGB lighting and more. For more advanced enthusiasts, we offer custom water cooling kits and parts such as reservoirs, pumps, water blocks and many more! We also offer water cooling tools and accessories such as saws, hard-tube bending kits, temperature sensors and more.

Key components of a custom water cooling loop include;

  • Waterblock
  • Reservoir
  • Radiator (and fans)
  • Pump
  • Tubing
  • Fittings and Adapters
  • Coolant

Why do I need water cooling?

If you aren’t a PC enthusiast, then it’s likely you won’t be needing to water cool your PC. However, if you wish to cool your PC more efficiently, then installing water cooling can help with this. While water cooling does not reduce the heat output of your PC, it can assist in removing the heat more efficiently and away from other components which can lower both component temperatures and noise.


Learn more about why you a custom water cooling loop could be suitable for you and how to get up and running with our Water Cooling 101 blog article.