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How to choose a good projector?

When choosing your projector, there are several factors you must consider before making a final decision. One particular aspect of the projectors you should pay special attention to is brightness. Brightness is usually measured in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens. The higher the ANSI lumens level, the brighter the projector. If you just simply use for home cinema application or business presentation with just a few people in a dark room, any projectors with less than 1000 lumens  will be suitable. However, if you plan to use a projector in a training room or for educational use with some lights on, you probably may want to consider 1000-2000 lumens. Larger conference rooms or lecture halls may need 2000 lumens.

Other factors to compare across projectors include resolution, aspect ratio, refresh rate, I/O ports and projector weight as well.

At Mwave we stock the latest projectors across the popular brands such as benQ, YODN, Epson, Panasonic and many more.