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Deepcool DM9 Thermal Paste
SKU# AC68672, Model# R-DM9-GY015C-G


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SKU # AC68672 | Model # R-DM9-GY015C-G | Brand Deepcool

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Deepcool DM9 Thermal Paste - 1.5g - R-DM9-GY015C-G

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

· Professional Grade Thermal Interface
· The Perfect Choice for Any Application
· Risk Free Stability

DeepCool DM9 professional-grade thermal paste is designed to meet rigorous standards used in industrial applications. With extremely efficient heat dissipation and low thermal resistance, the DM9 thermal paste is the best choice in any situation. 

Deepcool DM9 Thermal Paste

Professional Grade Thermal Interface
The DM9 is a silicone resin-based thermal compound that offers excellent heat transfer and is an excellent option for demanding CPUs and GPUs.



Deepcool DM9 Thermal Paste

Due to its smooth consistency, the DM9 compound is easy to apply and fills every
microchannel, ensuring the best heat transfer between two surfaces.
Performance Grade: ***** (Master)
Grease Weight: 1.5g
Operating Temperature: -50°C to +250°C



Deepcool DM9 Thermal Paste

Risk-Free Stability
The DM9 thermal paste is extremely stable and is neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. Rest assured that your system is safe.



Deepcool DM9 Thermal Paste


SKU # AC68672 | Model # R-DM9-GY015C-G

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