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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 Products

Mwave offers a range of portable monitors from leading brands such as AOC, Asus and HP. Portable monitors are normally powered through USB and are available in either 14” or 15.6”. Some portable monitors are also available in full HD so you don’t need to sacrifice image quality for portability. Some portable USB monitors also allow the USB connection to handle both power and picture meaning you only need to use one cable.


Why do I need a portable monitor?

Portable monitors are great for expanding your work space for both desktop PCs and laptops. You might need a portable monitor if you are always on the move - for example to run an EEG machine or if you wish to share a presentation but do not have access to a projector. The Asus MB169C+ 15.6” IPS portable USB monitor offers a great IPS panel, full HD, a single cable USB-C connection and a sleeve to protect the monitor.