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Showing 1 - 40 of 83 Products

Mwave can help you buy your new 4K monitor from leading brands such as Dell, LG, Samsung and many more! Mwave offers 4K monitors from these leading brands with IPS, VA and TN panels which range in size from 23-43 inches. Adaptive refresh rate technology (e.g. Freesync or G-Sync) is also available with these monitors including high refresh rate models if you're willing to spend big. G-Sync and Freesync helps to mask any FPS drops if your graphics card is not powerful enough to run games at 3840x2160.


Why do I need a 4K monitor?

4K monitors offer a much higher pixel count versus 1080p or 1440p. This means that the higher PPI and more dense pixels provide a much sharper image. Note though that scaling may be needed if you are new to using 4K monitors - especially on monitors smaller than 27”. 4K monitors can also help graphics artists and content creators as the improved pixel density means less ‘jaggies’.