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Increase your efficiency with Mwave's range of Keypads & Numpads. Our selection from leading brands offers ergonomic design and easy-to-use interfaces, perfect for quick data entry or enhanced gaming control. Whether you're a professional looking for faster data input, a programmer requiring additional keys, or a gamer wanting more control options, our keypads and numpads can boost your productivity. Choose Mwave for your computing needs today!

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  • Cherry 21 Key Number Pad G84-4700, Gold Crosspoint Technology, Suit for Left & Right Hand, User-defineable, USB, Black (G84-4700LUCUS-2)
    SKU#: AA26407 Model#: G84-4700LUCUS-2
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 Products


Buy keypads and numpads from Mwave!

Keypads are a great way of improving and optimising your gaming experience. Keypads share the compact size benefits of TKL and smaller keyboards giving you extra desk space for your mouse movements. At Mwave, our range of keypads and numpads include membrane, mech-membrane and mechanical switch types along with other features such as RGB lighting, wrist-rests, thumb sticks, customisable keys and many more! The Elgato Stream Deck gives you the ability to customise each of its 15 LCD keys for optimising your workflow - be it content creation, streaming or something else. Mwave stocks keypads and numpads from leading brands such as, Cherry, Razer, Asus and many more!