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Looking for the widest selection of keycaps to add some personality or new life to your keyboard? Mwave has got everything you need and more. Our range of high-quality keycaps boasts a diverse array of features and profiles, so you are bound to find something that will suit your setup. From metal finishes and double-shot PBT to backlighting-compatible varieties, we’ve made a point to stock keycaps that not only look the part but are also built to last.
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Showing 1 - 40 of 95 Products

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Buy keycaps for your keyboard from Mwave!


From personalisation to preservation, keycaps are a handy piece of equipment for anyone with a mechanical keyboard. Typing, gaming, and programming are all high-impact activities that place stress on your keyboard, so it makes sense that your keycaps will encounter wear and tear (usually in the form of 'keyshine' or missing legends). This is where keycaps come in, which are available in a variety of materials such as ABS, PBT or rubber-coated - some special materials like metal or wood are available as novelty keys.

Various keycap profiles have been created over time to provide optimal keyboard layouts for personal preferences. Each profile features different heights, gradients, and shapes to suit specific purposes. Tall, sculpted keycap sets (such as SA or classic OEM profile) give your keyboard a retro vibe while short, uniform keycaps keep it modern and neat. At the end of the day everyone types differently – sculpted keys might be more comfortable while flat keys may assist with faster typing. At the end of the day though, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

From an aesthetic standpoint, keycaps open up a whole new world of personalisation. You can play around with different colours, lighting schemes (assuming the keycaps are shine-through), layouts, and even materials and textures. The sky’s the limit when it comes to our offering of keycaps!


Buying keycaps is a great way of personalising the look of your keyboard - or renewing an old, worn keyboard. Mwave’s range of keycaps include features such as metal finishes, double-shot PBT and backlighting compatible. We stock keycaps from leading gaming keyboard brands such as Corsair, Thermaltake and many more!



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