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Keyboard & Mice: All you need to know


Keyboards and mice are peripheral (or input) devices which the user can utilise to navigate their way on a computer.  The former is used to input numbers, letters and symbols, while the latter acts as a pointer on a display (generally a monitor of a PC or notebook).  As with many other peripheral devices, there are a vast variety of types and styles of keyboards and mice you can choose from to suit your personal needs.  Types of keyboard designs include the standard keyboard, the slim keyboard, the ergonomics keyboard, and the mini keyboard, with the most common layout being QWERTY-based. 


As for mice, including left-hand versions, they typically have two clickable buttons and a scrolling function.  However, gaming mice and keyboards can include a function that allows certain keys to be programmed with specific shortcuts.  Nowadays, a wireless option is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who want a clutter-free workspace, or have more freedom to be productive.  The common wireless connection types include Bluetooth, Radio Frequency (RF), and Infra-Red. Keyboard/Mouse combo kits are also a popular and convenient solution for general uses.


Additionally, there are other types of peripheral devices such as trackball mice, graphic tablets, keypads, remote controllers and navigation input devices (joysticks etc.).


How do I choose my Keyboard and/or Mouse?


These devices can have quite a large price range, which can be refined once you know what purpose you’ll need the keyboard or mouse for.  If you're looking at keyboards and mice for simple, general computing activities then anything from the entry level range and above is sufficient. Depending on your preference, there are different styles which have improved features such as aesthetic design, ergonomics, or portability.  On the other hand, if you are after a mouse or keyboard for both the aforementioned and gaming, then you may be looking at more expensive products, as they have extra features, and/or are made differently, such as mechanical keyboards, that can significantly advance your gameplay experience.


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