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What is Mwave Dollar?

Mwave Dollar is a mVIP member reward program for customers who have made their purchases from Mwave. It is similar to other Loyalty Reward Points programs eg. Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, Credit Card Rewards Points. You can save up your Mwave Dollars and then purchase yourself a personal gift or for someone special. Note: 1 Mwave Dollars is equivalent to $1 on Mwave website.

Why are we giving away Mwave Dollar?

This is a simple gesture of us saying “Thank You” to all our customers for putting your trust in us and choosing us as your preferred online store.

How does Mwave Dollar work?

If you are an mVIP member, every purchase make with, you will receive a 1% credit added to your total purchase amount and saved into your account (excluding shipping and fees). For example if your total purchase is $1,000 worth of item(s) then you will receive $10.00 Mwave Dollar added into your account. You can continue to purchase as many times and as much as you want, and your Mwave Dollar will continue to accrue in your account. Therefore, the more you buy the more Mwave Dollar you get! If your order is partially paid by Mwave Dollar, then Mwave Dollar will not be applied to the same portion of this order.

When can I use my Mwave Dollar?

Mwave Dollar will be added to your account once we have dispatched your order. You can claim any amount of accrued Mwave Dollar up to the total that is in your account against any future purchase. To use your Mwave Dollar, simply proceed to the last page of checkout and then enter the amount of Mwave Dollar you would like to use for the particular order. If you have entered the incorrect amount of Mwave Dollar, simply enter $0.00 again to reset and start again.

Do my Mwave Dollar expire?

Each earning on Mwave Dollar will be expired 6 months after your purchase date.

How can I find out my existing amount of Mwave Dollar?

Login into and go to “My Account” located at the top of the website or click on “My Account > Dashboard”. You will be able to see how much Mwave Dollars you have there.

Mwave Dollar Terms and Conditions

  • • Each earning on Mwave Dollar expires 6 months after your purchase date.
  • • Mwave Dollar cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • • Mwave Dollar is not transferable and refundable.
  • • You will only receive your Mwave Dollar once the order is shipped out. In an event if your order is cancelled then you will not get your Mwave Dollar.
  • • This program is only available for online orders placed with a valid mVIP membership as of 00:00 27th April 2022. This program excludes items on special and other marketing promotions ie. group deals, coupon redemption, discounted shipping and etc.
  • • Mwave Dollar can only be used for online orders/purchases.
  • • Payments made with American Express cards are now accepted as of 00:00 24 June 2019.
  • • Mwave Dollars are not applicable with the purchase or use of any Mwave eGift Cards.
  • • reserves the right to change the terms and condition of Mwave Dollar program without further notice.