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Mwave eGift Card

How can I buy Mwave eGift Card?

Mwave eGift Card is only available for purchase and redemption online at Customers can NOT buy or redeem the card at Mwave showroom. There is no third party involvement with Mwave eGift Cards as this is solely managed by Mwave.

You can buy Mwave eGift Card similar to buying any product on the Mwave website. An email with the eGift Card Number will be sent on the day your eGift Card order is completed.

How do I know if my eGift is legitimate?

We do not sell our eGift Cards on Ebay or Gumtree or any other sites. Purchases made from these sites or any unknown third party will not be honoured.

To ensure that the eGift you are buying is genuine, please purchase from our website ONLY

How do I activate Mwave eGift Card?

After receiving your eGift Card number, you or your friend can activate it and create the 4-digit PIN online. Whoever activates the eGift Card will be able to see the card details, including Gift Card Number, Value and Balance under their Mwave account, as the below image shown. 

How can I use Mwave eGift Card?

Mwave eGift Card will be treated as one of the online payment methods that you can use to purchase products on the Mwave website. You can either use the card solely or mix it with other payment methods if your purchase is greater than the remaining card balance.

How many options of Mwave eGift Card can I choose?

You can choose from $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 eGift Card value.

Can I share my eGift Card value with my family & friends?

Yes, you can. After activating the eGift Card with your own PIN, you can share your eGift Card number and PIN to them.  They can use it when proceeding their payment.

When will the eGift Card expire?

Your eGift Card will expire 36 months from the date of dispatch. If you are the one activating the eGift card, you are able to check the expiry date in your Mwave account.
For all customers, all eGift Cards purchased on or after 1 November 2019, your eGift card will expire 3 years from the date of dispatch.

We will send a friendly reminder when the eGift Card is due to expire in one month.

Can I buy multiple eGift Cards in a single order?


Can I have multiple eGift Cards in my account?


Can I top up my eGift Card?

No. Unfortunately, our eGift Card is for one-off use, so you will have to purchase another eGift Card.

Can I exchange or refund the eGift Card?

No. Mwave eGift Card is not refundable, exchangeable for cash or withdrawing money.

Is there anything I can NOT buy online with the eGift Card?

Yes, you cannot purchase another Mwave eGift Card. There are no restrictions on all other items.

How do I check my eGift Card balance?

You can check the balance by login into your Mwave account, go to “My Account” and then “Gift Cards” section.

Note that only the person activating the eGift Card can see the card balance in their Mwave account.

Can I check the transaction history of the eGift Card?

Yes, but unfortunately you will need to review each order individually to check the payments made on the order. Your payment on your order/invoice will display which eGift Cards were redeemed. The last 4 digits will be displayed as well as the value used.
You also can contact our
 Customer Service team to check it.

What if my eGift Card is lost, damaged or stolen?

Contact our Customer Service team and give your order number and when you bought the card. Our team will be able to give you the eGift Card number again, so you can activate or login to use.

What if I forget my PIN?

There are two ways to reset your PIN:

·         By yourself: login into your Mwave account -> My Account -> Shopping -> Gift Cards -> Choose your Gift Card to reset.

·         By Mwave Customer Service team: contact us and provide your order number of your eGift Card Number and we will help to reset your PIN.

Can I use my eGift Card as the payment method to buy another new eGift Card?

No. You are only eligible to buy Mwave eGift Card with Credit Card, Bpay or Direct Deposit only.


Can Mwave send the eGift Card directly to my friend’s email if I want to buy it for someone else?

We only send email with the eGift Card number to the person who purchased the eGift Card, so you can forward this email to your friends as a digital gift for them.

In what case will my eGift Card get cancelled?

We reserve the right to cancel any eGift Card where the original purchaser has disputed the transaction or their financial institution has withdrawn their payment. In such instances, the eGift Card will be cancelled. Payments made to 3rd parties and not directly with Mwave for eGift cards will not be claimable from Mwave.

We reserve the right to cancel any eGift Card, or the eGift Card program, for any reason at any time without notice. In such instances, we will elect to provide a refund or a replacement eGift Card. eGift Card will be invalid once it has been cancelled. 

Do I get Mwave Dollars with Mwave eGift Cards?

Mwave Dollars are not applicable with the purchase or use of any Mwave eGift Cards.

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