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What are Surveillance Cameras?


Surveillance cameras can be placed strategically around your home or office to provide more security to you, those around you, pets, and your belongings.  Many of these cameras – even baby cameras – are connected over an IP network, and can be viewed from computers and handheld devices remotely.  These cameras come in a variety of different forms and features, from wired and wireless devices, to indoor and outdoor use (some outdoor cameras are waterproof).  Some cameras can be wall mounted or fixed, while others can be simply placed on surfaces.  Most cameras also have night vision, making them multi-purpose day/night.  The two main types of surveillance cameras are dome and bullet, which affects the video coverage of the camera.


How do I choose a Best Surveillance Camera?


When you purchase a surveillance camera, you will want to consider a number of specifications, such as the quality of the camera and image, alarm and event management, network compatibilities, and surveillance management.  Surveillance cameras can also come in groups or bundles, rather than a single camera, which is more ideal option for those who want to secure a larger perimeter.  Other factors that may also influence your choice include the aesthetic design, shape (dome, box, cube etc.), weight and size of the camera, as well as whether the device is capable of panning, tilting, and zooming.


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