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Welcome to the world of Cooler Master, where innovation and quality come together to create exceptional computing solutions for everyone. Our range of products includes high-performance PC cases, power supplies, CPU coolers, and peripherals that cater to the needs of all types of users. From beginners to enthusiasts and professionals, our products are designed to deliver the best possible experience. Explore our range of Cooler Master products and take your computing to the next level!
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Elevate your PC experience with Cooler Master

Cooler Master is a brand that has been dedicated to producing high-quality PC components and peripherals for over 25 years. From cooling solutions to power supplies, from cases to peripherals, Cooler Master offers a wide range of products that cater to every need.

At Mwave, we are proud to stock a diverse range of Cooler Master products, including cases, fans, power supplies, keyboards, mice, and more. Cooler Master products are designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your PC, with features such as RGB lighting, sleek designs, and exceptional performance.

Whether you're a casual user or a dedicated gamer, investing in Cooler Master products can elevate your PC experience to the next level. We offer competitive prices and fast shipping, so you can upgrade your setup with ease and get back to doing what you love.

Shop our range of Cooler Master products today and experience the difference that high-quality PC components and peripherals can make.

What is the difference between air and liquid cooling systems?

Air cooling systems use fans to circulate air over the CPU and other components to dissipate heat. Liquid cooling systems, on the other hand, use a liquid coolant to absorb heat from the CPU and other components, which is then transferred to a radiator where it is dissipated by fans. Liquid cooling systems are generally more efficient and quieter than air cooling systems, but they are also more expensive and require more maintenance.

What size case do I need for my build?

The size of the case you need depends on the size of the components you plan to use in your build. ATX cases are the most common and can accommodate standard-sized motherboards and components. Micro-ATX cases are smaller and can accommodate smaller motherboards and components. Mini-ITX cases are the smallest and can accommodate mini-ITX motherboards and components. It's important to choose a case that is compatible with your motherboard and other components.

What is the difference between modular and non-modular power supplies?

Modular power supplies have detachable cables that allow you to only use the cables you need for your build, reducing cable clutter and improving airflow. Non-modular power supplies have fixed cables that cannot be removed, which can lead to cable clutter and reduced airflow. Modular power supplies are generally more expensive than non-modular power supplies, but they offer more flexibility and better cable management.

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