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Network connectivity excellence starts with Mwave. Explore our wide range of wired networking products, including adapters, modems/routers/gateways, NAS storage, PoE, switches/HUBs, VoIP devices, and VPN/firewalls. Shop now and experience reliable connectivity at its best with Mwave.

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At Mwave we stock a large variety of wired networking devices and accessories that you may need. Wired networking is widely considered a faster and more stable method of connecting computers, printers and other devices to a network. Wired networking is also a more critical networking piece. For example, unless you run 4G, your connection to the internet is provided through a modem and router utilizing cables. Our wired networking stock includes devices and accessories such as NAS boxes, wired routers and switches, commercial/enterprise networking devices and many more! We stock wired networking devices and accessories from leading networking brands such as Ubiquiti, Netgear, D-Link, Cisco and many more!

Why should I build a wired network over a wireless network?

While wireless networks are convenient and easy to set up, they have several disadvantages which wired networks can resolve. If you live in a built-up, high-rise prevalent area, you may be at a higher risk to security threats due to the proximity of potential unsavoury individuals. Whereas a wired network would require them to physically connect an ethernet cable to your networking device. High-rise, apartment living can also have problems with wireless channels - where many people may be ‘fighting’ over a limited number of wireless channels (especially if you only have access to the 2.4Ghz band). Wired networks also offer a faster connection speed and fewer chances of congestion occurring from multiple people connecting. Wired networks also avoid interference from devices such as microwaves.