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What Are Tablets?

Essentially, a tablet is a combination of the portability of a personal smartphone and the computing capabilities of a laptop, assembled in an efficient and lightweight device. It is also called as Tablet PC. Tablets can be used by anyone of any age, whether it be for work, play, or simply for connecting with family and friends from across the world.


How To Buy The Best Tablet

When choosing your tablet, there are several things you must consider before making a final decision. One particular aspect of the tablet you should pay special attention to is the OS (Operating System) of the tablet, as it will have a strong influence on your experience with the tablet.  The three main operating systems are Windows 8 RT, Apple iOS (which run iPads) and Android, with Android tablets behaving very similarly to Android smartphones – making them exceptionally popular.  However, Windows tablets are still suggested over its counterparts when it comes to manipulating documents.  As for Apple iPads, they are the preferred tablet for gaming and media playback, even though Android tablets either meet or exceed the iPad’s processing speed and screen resolution.


Other factors to compare across tablets include battery life, Wi-Fi models versus 3G/4G access, processing speed, storage capacity (16GB, 32GB, 64GB, etc.), screen size (which typically vary from 7" to 10"), and extra features such as cameras.


Tablet Accessories

To enhance your experience while using the tablet, choosing appropriate accessories is crucial.  Depending on your uses for the device, certain accessories will boost your productivity and enjoyment of the tablet.  If you are utilising your tablet for business or word processing purposes, you will find that purchasing a detachable keyboard will be an absolute necessity – particularly if your tablet will be replacing your laptop.  This is especially necessary for Windows 8 tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, so that you can use programs such as Microsoft Word with ease.  It is also obviously very important to protect your tablet from physical damage, which can be achieved by using screen covers (especially since tablets have large displays) and cases.  There are various types of cases, from plastic and rubber cases to protective sleeves and carry cases. Devices with Bluetooth features, such as headphones, headsets (with a build-in microphone) and speakers could be also practical for working with tablets since all of them come with Bluetooth connection.


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