Zhiyun Wireless Remote Control
SKU# AC05184, Model# Zhiyun remote Control

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SKU # AC05184 | Model # Zhiyun remote Control | Brand Zhiyun

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Zhiyun Wireless Remote Control - For Zhiyun Crane - 10m Bluetooth Control Range - Control Layout Mirrors Gimbal Handle - Multi-Function Power Button - Supports Camera Control with Compatible Devices - Dedicated Mode Button and Zoom Lever - Tube Mount and Remote Cradle Included - Fits Dual Handle Systems as a Thumb Control - For Crane, Crane-M, Rider-M, Smooth-Q and More - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.zhiyun-tech.com, +86 733 2320855


With the Zhiyun Bluetooth Remote, using your gimbal is easy even when you aren’t near it. Operate your Zhiyun Crane, Crane M, Smooth Q, and Smooth III gimbals from a distance of 10m, allowing you to get creative and capture steady time lapses, sweeping panoramas, or even large scale group shots. The remote offers easy, intuitive operation, with the joystick and buttons very closely resembling those on the gimbal handle itself. Adjust modes and camera settings, switch between photo and video modes, and start or stop recording all without having to touch the gimbal.


Bluetooth Gimbal Control at a Distance

The Zhiyun Bluetooth Wireless Remote lets you operate your gimbal from a distance of up to 10m, perfect for trying out time-lapse, panoramas, or sweeping group shots. It works with a huge range of Zhiyun gimbals offering easy, intuitive control.

Multi-Function Power Button

The power button is multi-functional, limiting the amount of confusing buttons to use. It controls the shutter when your gimbal is in Camera Mode with a half-press to focus and a full press to take a photo. Double click the power button to switch between Video and Camera Modes fast.

Mode Switching and Pairing

The mode button has the same functions as the one on your gimbal’s handle, allowing you to switch between different operation modes. Use the remote’s Mode and Power button together to quickly pair the remote with the gimbal that’s nearest to it.

Intuitive Zoom and Joystick Movement

When correctly paired, the zoom lever can be used to zoom in and out with your phone or camera. When in manual mode, the joystick offers a familiar, easy way to control the direction of your camera and gimbal letting you frame your images and video precisely how you want them.

Amazing 30 Hour Battery Life

A built-in 150mAh capacity battery can last for up to 30 hours; amazing considering the small size. This means you can use your gimbal for long time-lapse shots, or for documenting a full day of adventure without having to worry about battery life.

Dual Handle Thumb Control Support

The remote can also be used as a thumb-controller with larger dual handle set-ups, making it a must-have accessory for any shooting style. Using the included mount you can easily attach the remote near one of the handles and stay in complete control of movement and image capture.

Gimbal Compatibility

The Zhiyun Wireless Bluetooth Remote is compatible with a huge range of Zhiyun’s most popular stabilisers including the Crane, Crane-M, Rider-M, Smooth-Q, and Smooth 3. This opens up unique and creative shooting options for photographers and videographers of all different levels. 


Charging Voltage:


Charging Current:


Theoretical Work Time:


Built-in Polymer Lithium Battery Capacity:


Operating Current:


Emission and received current:


Effective Control Distance:

10m (With clear line of sight)

Gimbal Compatibility

Smooth 3

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

SKU # AC05184 | Model # Zhiyun remote Control

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