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ZALMAN ZM-M500WL Wireless Optical 3000 dpi Mouse
SKU# AB49283, Model# ZM-M500WL

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SKU # AB49283 | Model # ZM-M500WL | Brand Zalman

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ZALMAN ZM-M500WL Black 4 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB RF Wireless Optical 3000 dpi Mouse

Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.zalman.com/eng/main.asp,
Rating: 3.4 stars - 5 reviews

The ZALMAN ZM-M500WL Wireless Optical Mouse helps you get a lot of things done better and faster.

This InfraRed (IR) Wireless Mouse is ergonomically designed to let you grip it comfortably, lessening fatigue and helping you work more efficiently. With its A3000 Avago sensor, you get speed and stability without compromising accuracy.
It also comes with a very convenient quick DPI switch button. Use this button to adjust the DPI of the optical mouse between 1000, 1500 or 3000 DPI to suit your needs. Additionally, if you are surfing the internet, pushing it forward or backward makes your browser go forward and backward as well.

High-quality Teflon rubber feet prevents it from slipping along any surface while its rubberised scroll wheel allows for excellent, precise control.

Aside from letting you work efficiently, it also consumes power efficiently. With the ZM-M5000WL optical mouse, battery life lasts two times longer with its work and standby modes. Furthermore, standby mode implements a three-stage tier for optimised power consumption.


SKU # AB49283 | Model # ZM-M500WL

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