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Xtrfy C1 Mouse Cord Holder
SKU# AC22137, Model# XG-C1


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SKU # AC22137 | Model # XG-C1 | Brand Xtrfy

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Adjustable Mouse Cord Holder - Compact Design - XG-C1 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: https://xtrfy.com/,
Rating: 2.2 stars - 0 reviews

· Reduces the drag from your mouse cord by holding it in a fixed position
· A poweful magnet keeps the cord holder in place
· Able to adjust the cord in the holder to suit your needs
· 4 extra metal plates are included for use in various places

The Xtrfy C1 Mouse Cord Holder (XG-C1) is designed to allow you to move your corded optical or laser mouse more efficiently with less drag weighing it down.  Modern mice outfit state-of-the-art sensors optimised for speed and accuracy.  However, some drag added from the attached cord slows movement.  Sometimes the cord even gets tangled during intense gameplay.  The Xtrfy C1 solves the mentioned issues by allowing you to elevate it and prevent it from getting jumbled up in on itself and hitting various items on the desk.

Easy to use

Attach the included metal plate to a spot on your table.  Then, place the Xtrfy C1 on top of the metal plate and clip your mouse's cord.  A powerful magnet keeps the Xtrfy C1 attached firmly in place.  Its clip's angle allows adjusting, so it does not hit other items.

The Xtrfy C1 mouse cord holder lets you play more freely by enabling you to move your mouse in any direction without worrying about its cord causing drag, hitting other objects, or getting all tangled up.


Learn more about the Xtrfy C1 Mouse Cord Holder at Xtrfy's Official Website here!


Xtrfy C1 Mouse Cord Holder - Desktop Overview 1

SKU # AC22137 | Model # XG-C1

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