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Wizard Wipes DVD & CD Cleaning Wipes
SKU# AA01070, Model# WIZ-WIPE

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SKU # AA01070 | Model # WIZ-WIPE | Brand Generic

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Wizard Wipes DVD & CD Cleaning Wipes - Clean, Protect & Enhance Your Media (WIZ-WIPE)

Stop your favorite DVD or CD skipping or freezing!

How annoying is it when you are watching a great movie and the DVD just stops, freezing, and no matter how often you push play or rewind and play, it just won’t go past that spot or is even worse! Or listening to your favorite artist and the CD starts jumping and skipping all over the place. The way to fix this problem is by using a Wizard Wipe.

Wizard Wipes will fix freezing, skipping and jumping in all your discs, DVD’s, CD’s, and DATA or GAME discs. These convenient little foil sachets contain a towelette impregnated with a ‘fixing and cleaning‘ solution. This will not only fix the freezing and skipping but will also protect the disc.

Wizard Wipes clean dust, dirt, smudges, and fingerprints. They also help to remove light scratches (not deep gouges); therefore reducing the skipping and freezing that can occur with discs. The Wizard Wipes are reusable; each wipe would be able to clean at least 5 discs.

SKU # AA01070 | Model # WIZ-WIPE

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