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Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System
SKU# AC71904, Model# FS-TBS-0726-05


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SKU # AC71904 | Model # FS-TBS-0726-05 | Brand Turtle Beach

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Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System - Compatibility: Xbox Series X/S/One, Windows 10/11 - Includes: VelocityOne Race Wheelbase, VelocityOne Race Wheel Module, VelocityOne Race Pedal Unit, VelocityOne Control Unit, 10x Pedal Stability Pads, 2.5m USB-C to USB-A Main Cable, 2.5m USB-C to USB-C Pedal Cable, 0.2m VCU Cable, PSU, Velcro Cable Ties, Adjustment Tool, 7x Sim Frame Screws, Quick Start Guide - FS-TBS-0726-05

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

· Authentic, Complete Racing Setup for Xbox & PC
· Ultra-Realistic K: Drive™ 7.2Nm DD Force Feedback Motor
· Glide through Gears with Mag-Shift™ Paddle Shifters
· Tune & Customize your Setup with the Race Management Display
· Customisable Throttle, Brake & Clutch Pedals

Shift into a New Level of Realism - High-Performance Force Feedback Race System - Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Wheel & Pedal System Licensed for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 & 11 PCs – Force Feedback, Three Pedals & Magnetic Paddle Shifters, Hall Effect Sensors.

Shift into a new level of realism with the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Race Wheel & Pedal System, engineered for high-fidelity racing simulation performance on Xbox consoles & Windows PCs. The 7.2Nm K: Drive™ force feedback motor delivers ultra-realistic force, and Dynamic Brake Tek™ load-cell brakes provide true-to-life braking performance. Monitor real-time race telemetry data and customize controls using the Race Management Display™, and for even more customization, the VelocityOne™ Control Unit™ has additional remappable buttons. Plus, you can use the Tuner companion app to remap controls and make performance adjustments. Designed for ultimate racing immersion, VelocityOne™ Race also has Mag-Shift™ paddle shifters, a hand-stitched leather wheel, an aluminium pedal set and race-inspired controls.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System


Authentic, Complete Setup

For drivers who want to lead the pack, the VelocityOne™ Race delivers superb, ultra-realistic performance. The VelocityOne™ Race is a complete cockpit setup including a high-fidelity, direct-drive force feedback wheel, adjustable aluminium pedals and modular Control Unit™ to equip you with everything you need to put you in the driver’s seat of your favourite racing sim titles.

Ultra-Realistic, 7.22Nm K: Drive™ Force Feedback Motor

Feel every moment of a race with a custom 7.2Nm direct-drive force feedback motor tuned for high-fidelity kinetic response. The K: Drive™ force feedback motor is adjustable on the fly to achieve detailed force response that enhances the realism of a virtual track in popular racing sim titles. Plus, the DD design gives you a low latency response for an accurate feel of on-track events and keeps you tuned in to the performance of your car.

Smooth, Mag-Shift™ Paddles

Two Mag-Shift™ paddle shifters allow you to glide through the gears in any vehicle with smooth, reliable shifting. Two additional analog paddles with magnetic hall effect sensors provide precise clutch and handbrake control.

Race Management Display

Advanced digital dashboard for real-time race telemetry and full customisation and integration with popular racing titles* to maximise immersion and improve performance. Tune every aspect of your driving experience across ten onboard memory profiles, including force feedback response, control mapping and more. Direct data output from supported racing titles displays in real-time based on authentic dashboard displays. 
*Game support dependent on developer integration. See the compatibility list for regular updates.

Customisable Pedal Set

The fully adjustable aluminium pedal set can be adapted to the type of car you are using for ultimate racing immersion. Fine-tune the throttle, brake and clutch pedal resistance and throw distance to match your preferred car. Plus, an integrated clutch pedal is ideal for stick-shift driving. Or, if you choose to use the clutch paddles on the wheel, the clutch pedal can be lowered, and the brake pedal can be adjusted left-to-right to give more space between the brake and throttle control.

Tuned, Load-Cell Braking System

The Dynamic Brake Tek™ load-cell braking system is designed to perform under pressure, with braking performance measured by the force you apply to the pedal and not the distance the pedal travels. So, just like a real car, when you stomp harder on the brake pedal, you’ll feel a more harsh, sudden stop. Adjustments to Dynamic Brake Tek™ are easy to make directly from the RMD or the Tuner Companion app.

VelocityOne™ Control Unit

The detachable VelocityOne™ Control Unit™ (VCU) provides easy access to critical car systems and setting adjustments. Built with inspiration from real-life controls, the VCU includes six buttons, five latched toggle switches, and three rotary dials for adjustments to brake mappings, car lights, force feedback strength and more. A modular design with a USB-C connection allows the control unit to be mounted to either side of the wheel or separately integrated into your racing cockpit.

Premium, Racing-Grade Materials

A hand-stitched leather steering wheel, aluminium throttle, clutch and brake pedal assembly, and performance car-inspired controls bring racetrack realism to your home setup.

VelocityOne™ Tuner Companion App

Download the Tuner app to your Xbox console, PC, iOS, or Android smartphone to adjust product performance and set remappable profiles for features like force feedback response, braking response, lighting adjustment, button & paddle mapping and more. The Tuner app lets you quickly update products and download future expansion content. 

Versatile Mounting Solutions

Unique gull-wing side panels allow convenient access to the low-profile mounting clamp that keeps your wheel secure at full torque and doesn’t get in the way during intense races. Pre-drilled holes and included screws make for simple integration of the wheel with most sim racing stands, and adhesive rubber pads ensure the pedals stay firmly planted on any floor surface.

Turtle Beach® Audio Tuning

Dial in-game audio to your preference with five selectable audio presets, including Superhuman Hearing™. Plus, you can adjust master volume, game & chat volume mix, mic monitoring levels, and more using the Race Management Display™ or the Tuner companion app.

Multiplatform Compatibility

VelocityOne™ Race is officially licensed for Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One and works great with your favourite racing titles on Windows 10 & 11 PCs. Plus, a simple USB-A connection makes it easy to switch between console & PC.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System




Pedals: USB-C to USB-C Pass-Through Connection to the Racing Wheel
Racing Wheel: USB-C to USB-A Connection to Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One, Windows PCs.



Technical Specifications:

Companion App: Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Tuner Companion App for additional product features & customisation. Available for Xbox, PC, iOS, and Android.

Firmware Updates: Use the VelocityOne™ Tuner companion app to update your firmware to easily get the best possible performance.

Mounting Options (Wheel): Low-profile clamp or pre-drilled holes and mounting screws

Mounting Options (Pedals): Pre-drilled holes and mounting screws, or rubber pads 

Expansion Ports: (4) USB-C Expansion Ports.

Product Weight:
Wheel: 1.36kg
Base: 5.62kg
Control Panel: 0.24kg
Pedals: 4kg

Product Dimensions:
Wheel: 300 x 266.1 x 110.2mm
Base: 303 x 310 x 234.6mm
Control Panel: 107.5 x 132.3 x 83.3mm
Pedals: 415.01 x 330 x 223.4mm



Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race Universal Wheel & Pedal System

SKU # AC71904 | Model # FS-TBS-0726-05

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