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TP-Link MagSlim LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum & Mop+ Smart Auto-Empty Dock
SKU# AC71898, Model# Tapo RV20 Mop Plus


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SKU # AC71898 | Model # Tapo RV20 Mop Plus | Brand TP-Link

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TP-Link MagSlim LiDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum & Mop+ Smart Auto-Empty Dock - Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh - Mapping/Path Planning: MagSlim LiDAR + Gyroscope - High-Precision Map: Yes - Auto Dust Collection: Yes - Wet Mopping: Yes - Water Level Adjustment: 3 levels - Tapo RV20 Mop Plus

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.tp-link.com.au, 1300 875 465

· Spotless 4-in-1 Smart Cleaning
· Quick and Precise Mapping
· Ultra-Slim Robot Body
· Auto-Empty
· Mopping for Cleaner Floors

MagSlim™ LiDAR Navigation System: Accurately maps out your house in minutes, reducing omissions and repeated cleaning, and even works well in the dark. 4-Level Suction Modes: 2700Pa Strong Suction. Easily clean pet hair, daily messes, and more. Vacuum and Mop Combo: Vacuuming sucks up floating dust and mopping tackles sticky messes. Twin Side Brushes: Takes care of corners and edges while preventing dirt from splashing for a more thorough clean.

1.35× Stronger Suction

With up to 2700Pa of suction power, effortlessly tackle common household debris like crumbs, pet dander, and dust to keep your floors spotless.

Quick and Precise Whole Home Mapping

With MagSlim LiDAR Navigation, the robot maps your entire home in minutes, recognizing walls, rooms, and obstacles. This enables intelligent, efficient cleaning across all areas.

47% More Coverage

Provides a better cleaning rate with dual Φ17 cm side brushes for a sweeping area that's 47% larger than single-brush models.

Find Your Best Option To Clean

With 19 suction power and water level options, you can tailor the cleaning method to suit each room in your home, enabling the robot vacuum to efficiently tackle varying floor types and levels of dirt.

High-Absorbent and Durable Mop Pad

Featuring a large mop pad and a 300 ml water tank, effortlessly cleans up juice, jam, and sauce spills. Easy to remove and wash, it stays looking new.

4L Auto-Empty Dock
Hands-Free Cleaning for up to 70 Days

The Auto-Empty Dock efficiently transfers dust from the robot with 27,000Pa suction. This not only prevents clogging the HEPA filter and maintaining suction power, but also inhibits bacterial growth, reducing odors and secondary pollution.

Customisable Cleaning Fits Your Routine

Targeted Room Cleaning

Automatic Recharge & Smart Resume Clean

Virtual Walls and No-Go Zones

3+1 Local-Stored Maps for Multi-Floor Cleaning


SKU # AC71898 | Model # Tapo RV20 Mop Plus

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