TN Games 3RD Space Gaming Vest (TN-Vest-Blk-L)
SKU# AA19034, Model# TN-Vest-Blk-L

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SKU # AA19034 | Model # TN-Vest-Blk-L | Brand TN Games

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TN Games 3RD Space Gaming Vest - Black - Large (TN-Vest-Blk-L)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

The 3rd Space Vest revolutionizes the way people play video games and redefines the concept of interactive entertainment. Get pounded with body slams and blasted by gun fire - the 3rd Space Vests from TN Games take gameplay beyond sight and sound, creating spatial awareness of the world your character inhabits!

Unlike traditional force feedback products, the 3rd Space Vest is an impact generating device that gives you precise pressure where it happens, as it happens. TN Games impact-generating technology utilizes a lightweight and durable air compressor to fire the 3rd Space Vests 8 fully customizable pneumatic cells, with each cell capable of delivering up to 10 pounds of force. The pneumatic cells fire at their own rate, force and duration, allowing the wearer to feel a wide array of sensory experiences, from crushing explosions to fear-inducing finger taps.

You''ll experience amped reality with the 3rd Space Vest and notice a huge increase in your Situational Awareness - the cells are designed to simulate direction and force, so you''ll always know where your opponent is. As soon as you feel a hit, you''ll naturally turn in that direction, enabling you to stay alive, return fire and dominate the fight! In game, should you be shot from the back right, you''ll feel the impact in that location - giving you the ability to counter the threat immediately, with no more spinning turns while you try and work out where you''re being hit from! All that time your opponent worked on their flanking move, or got behind you, is now wasted! Online gaming, in particular, is no longer a "fair and level" playing field. This vest gives you the awareness you need to be #1 on any given game server - your competitors will probably think you''re cheating, such will be the swiftness and accuracy of your defensive counter moves!

Easy installation - just install the driver, plug in the vest to an available USB port (For PC), put it on and get pounded! The 3rd Space Vest comes in two highly adjustable sizes ensuring a comfortable, custom fit (Note: The snugger the fit, the better and more realistic the effects will feel) and is available in both Black (for that awesome SWAT team look) and Digital Camo (similar to the U.S Army''s Universal Camouflage Pattern).

The 3rd Space Vest is highly adjustable in terms of fit and two sizes are available to accommodate almost any variation in body size. The goal is to have the vest fit as snug as is comfortable for the user - the snugger the fit, the better and more realistic the effects will feel.

SKU # AA19034 | Model # TN-Vest-Blk-L

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