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Tai-Hao MX Switch Type Doubleshot PBT 104-Key ANSI Keycap Set - Dark Grey/Purple
SKU# AC08024, Model# C02GY202


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SKU # AC08024 | Model # C02GY202 | Brand Tai-Hao

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Tai-Hao MX Switch Type Doubleshot PBT 104-Key ANSI Keycap Set - Noir - 104-Key - 2-Tone - MX Switch Type - Doubleshot - Material: PBT - Includes plastic key puller - C02GY202 - 12 Months Limited Warranty - Keyboard not included (Only comes with Keycaps)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.tai-hao.com/,

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The Tai-Hao Dark Grey/Grey custom keycap set is a great way of customising your mechanical keyboard. Tai-Hao custom keycap sets can be used with any mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX or Cherry MX clone (e.g. Gateron or Kailh) switches. The profile and design of the keycaps offer a blend of Cherry and OEM keycaps. Tai-Hao keycaps are made of doubleshot PBT plastic which is considered a superior plastic for keycaps. PBT plastic offers a blend of smoothness and grip with a slightly gritty texture. Another benefit of doubleshot PBT plastic is greatly increased longevity and durability as the 2 plastic injections ensures that the legend does not wear.


Tai-Hao keycap sets come with 104-keys designed for mechanical keyboards with a 6.25 form-factor spacebar and an ANSI (US) layout. A keycap puller is also included to improve installation. Note that dedicated program/media keycaps (e.g. volume up/down, play/pause, calculator) are not included. 

Tai-Hao PBT dark grey/grey 104-key keycap set


SKU # AC08024 | Model # C02GY202

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