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Swiftech GTX580 P1261 Reference Design VGA Heatsink
SKU# AA17195

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SKU # AA17195 | Model # | Brand Swiftech

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Swiftech nVidia GTX580 P1261 Reference Design VGA Heatsink (GTX580-HS)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

The GTX580-HS heatsink is designed to cool surface mount components (memory and voltage mosfets) on nVidia GeForce GTX580 series P1261 reference design graphics cards.

Designed to be installed in conjunction with the Swiftech MCW60, MCW80 and MCW82 VGA water blocks, allowing the highest possible stable overclocks of these high end graphic cards while keeping them cool and quiet.

The performance advantage of cooling the GPU with a universal water block in combination with a heatsink, compared to using full cover water block solutions is well known among enthusiast users. The advantages include improved thermal dissipation at the GPU level, a better TIM joint and less heat dumped into the liquid cooling loop coming from memory and power MOSFETS since they remain air cooled.

This combination provides a forwards compatible solution that is more economical than full cover water blocks as the GPU water block can be reused over time with different VGA cards.

SKU # AA17195 | Model #

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