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Swiftech Epsilon Full Cover VGA Waterblock For HD6990
SKU# AA17002, Model# EPSILON-HD6990

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SKU # AA17002 | Model # EPSILON-HD6990 | Brand Swiftech

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Swiftech Epsilon Full Cover VGA Waterblock For ATI Radeon HD6990 (EPSILON-HD6990)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

Named after the Epsilon Aurigae binary star system, the Epsilon series of waterblocks are single slot, full cover liquid cooling solutions for dual GPU graphic cards. "Full cover" means that the waterblock cools both GPU''s, Voltage Regulators, I/O chip, memory modules, and other critical components.

The Epsilon HD6990 is specifically designed for AMD Radeon HD6990 reference design graphics cards. A true Full Cover and Extreme Performance Cooling Solution, the product covers the entire PCB and utilizes all the stock mounting holes, thus preventing destructive warping of the printed circuit board

Thermal Performance
Superior thermal performance at the GPU level thanks to our embedded 0.6x0.6mm thin-pin matrix located directly above the GPU area.
High thermal conductivity thermal pads already pre-applied in the memory areas.
Voltage Regulators in direct contact with the cold plate pedestals for vastly superior heat transfer compared to thermal pads (up to 20°C difference) - non conductive Arctic Céramique thermal compound included.

Flow Performance
Moderate flow restriction by design to take into account multiple water-blocks in the same loop.

True full-cover waterblock: the block covers the full length of the card and utilizes all the original circuit board mounting points; this results in superior thermal interface with all the components, but more importantly prevents bending and/or damage to the card .
Stainless-steel standoffs provide safe and reliable installation method even to beginners.

Build Quality
Precision machined and mirror finish chrome plated copper base plate.
Precision machined durable black acetal housing.

Special User Features
Single-slot, factory-spec design PCI bracket included, frees up an extra PCI slot.
Elegant highly reflective black face sticker.

Other features
Designed to work with the excellent stock Radeon back-plate, and GPU cross-brackets.

SKU # AA17002 | Model # EPSILON-HD6990

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