Sony SAIT1CL SAIT-1 Cleaning Tape
SKU# AA01894, Model# SAIT1CL

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SKU # AA01894 | Model # SAIT1CL | Brand Sony

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Sony SAIT1CL SAIT-1 Cleaning Tape

Manufacturer Contact Info:, 1300 137 669

With the boom of the information age, there is a growing demand for higher-capacity, faster, more dependable media products. Sony quickly responds to your needs through highly reliable media that safely and accurately stores ever-increasing volumes of data. Sony''s line-up of data media makes use of the latest technology to accommodate a wide range of applications. With Sony media, you can be sure that your every storage need is met with the highest level of quality.

Cleaning cartridge for S-AIT drives. Pre-labelled version.

• This cleaning cartridge will provide approx. 50 cleaning cylces.
• Automatically detects head conditions to implement a specific cleaning cycle under an optimum setting.
• Store your cassettes at a temperature of between 15 and 25° C, and at 40-60% relative humidity.
• Store your cassettes away from magnetic fields.

SKU # AA01894 | Model # SAIT1CL

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