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Sniper Ghost Warrior - PS3
SKU# AB44172

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SKU # AB44172 | Model # | Brand Armaggeddon

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Sniper Ghost Warrior - PS3

Rating: 3.4 stars - 176 reviews

The democratic government of Isla Trueno has been overthrown and a military regime has come into power. The country becomes a theatre of influence war. You are sent as one of the covert commandos to support the rebels fighting their oppressors.

General Vasquez, the dictator of the regime, is going to take part in a meeting in an old refinery facility on the coast of Isle Trueno. Agent Mike Rodriguez is on an undercover mission and will also be present on site. He will set up the shot for Alpha Nine, a sniper-spotter team. Killing the General would put an end to the coup. Can you make the shot?

* Manage your breathing for increased accuracy of sniper shots

* Cooperate with your spotter for a better performance

* Watch your bullets strike the enemy with pin-point accuracy in Bullet Cam mode

* Engage in real-time team assault sections

* Get into sniper battles in unique multiplayer modes

* Wonderfully reproduced jungles of the South American rain forests

* Advanced character animations bring you to the center of the battlefield

* The most realistic sniping experience in a video game ever

* 16 Missions

SKU # AB44172 | Model #

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