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Seagate STEA1000400 1TB USB 3.0 Expansion Portable Hard Drive
SKU# AB69584, Model# STEA1000400


SKU # AB69584 | Model # STEA1000400

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Seagate STEA1000400 1TB USB 3.0 Expansion Portable Hard Drive - USB powered - Super Speed USB 3.0 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: http://www.seagate.com/, 1800 147 201
Rating: 3.5 stars - 11032 reviews

The Seagate Expansion (STEA1000400) portable hard drive is an ideal storage solution for backing up your files and freeing up storage capacity on your computer.   Move your space-consuming movies and photos from your internal hard drive to the Seagate Expansion external drive and make more room on your PC or laptop.

Easy to use

Plug and play to any computer or laptop and start using the external storage device straight out of the box.  Seagate Expansion does not need any software installation to use.  Drag and drop files and folders to copy or transfer to the drive.

USB 3.0 connectivity

USB 3.0 allows the drive to be detected automatically on modern machines, especially Windows-based computers. Backwards compatibility with USB 2.0 further allows widespread use. USB 3.0 data transfer rates go up to a maximum 5 Gbps, letting you back up your files quickly.

Massive storage capacity

Keep your pictures, videos, and office files within easy reach at all times. With 1TB storage space available, the external hard disk drive has ample capacity to back up your laptop or desktop computer's data.

The Seagate Expansion 1TB portable hard drive comes with plenty of space for backing up your computer's large files and private data. Make the Seagate Expansion external drive your backup solution and keep your data safe.

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Simple add-on storage that goes with you

The Seagate Expansion Portable hard drive offers an easy-to-use solution when you need to instantly add storage to your computer and take files on the go.

  • Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box
  • USB powered
  • Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity

The easy-to-use storage solution

The Expansion portable hard drive can be installed easily by plugging in a single USB cord. You can start saving your digital files to this external hard drive within seconds of removing it from the box.

Instantly adds storage capacity

Digital photos, videos and music files can tax your computer’s storage, causing performance to decline as its internal hard drive fills to capacity. The Expansion portable hard drive features a range of capacities, with the 1TB model offering enough data storage for:

  • Up to 1,000 hours of digital video
  • Up to 250 two-hour DVD films
  • Up to 320,000 digital photos
  • Up to 16,660 hours of digital music

Installs in seconds

Seagate® Expansion™ portable hard drive features make it incredibly easy to use this drive right from the box.

  • Simply plug the included USB cable into your computer – no external power supply is needed.
  • The drive is automatically recognised by the Windows operating system – no software to install and nothing to configure.
  • Drag and drop to save files to the Expansion portable drive.
  • Built-in power management automatically ensures energy-efficient operation

What’s In the Box?

  • Expansion Portable hard drive
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • Quick start guide

SKU # AB69584 | Model # STEA1000400

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