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Roccat Kone Pure Laser Gaming Mouse
SKU# AB48401, Model# ROC-11-700-AS

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SKU # AB48401 | Model # ROC-11-700-AS

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ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse - 8200DPI PRO-AIM (R3) Sensor - 32-BIT Turbo Core V2 Processor - 7 Buttons - 1000Hz polling rate - 12000fps, 10.8megapixel (ROC-11-700-AS)

Rating: 4.4 stars - 44 reviews

The ROCCAT Kone Pure Gaming Mouse effectively combines stylish, ergonomic design with game-enhancing features to help you play smarter and better.

The KONE Pure is equipped with a very powerful 8200DPI laser sensor able to accurately respond to fast sweeping motions as well as track slow minute gestures. No matter what game you are playing, if you need to move fast on a map or concentrate and hone in on a target with a sniper scope, you can depend on this special ROCCAT mouse to help you accomplish your objective thanks to its Tracking and Distance Control Unit (TDCU).

Like any gaming mice with programmable buttons, you can assign a variety of macros to its seven buttons. However, unlike others, this mouse comes with a 572KB on-board memory allowing you to directly save as many macro profiles as you want.

Raising it above the rest is its ability to provide audio feedback with every click, eliminating the need to glance and check if you pressed on the correct button.

With the ROCCAT Kone Pure utilising ROCCAT Master Click technology, you get one high-quality product that combines toughness with precise functionality you won’t find anywhere else.

SKU # AB48401 | Model # ROC-11-700-AS

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