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Robocop 1-3 - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (Blu-
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Robocop 1-3 - 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (Blu-Ray)


In Paul Verhoeven''s landmark sci-fi thriller, the monolithic corporation controlling a futuristic, crime-riddled Detroit transforms a dead cop (Peter Weller) into a cybernetic law-enforcement unit called RoboCop -- and soon the streets are safe. But as Robo cleans up the city, he seeks to avenge his death, and uncovers a conspiracy stretching from the back alleys to the boardroom of the company that reengineered him.


The sequel to 1987''s sci-fi blockbuster brings back "The Future of Law Enforcement," RoboCop (Peter Weller), to face his greatest challenge ever. This time around, the half-human, half-machine police officer is out to rid Detroit of the deadly new designer drug Nuke. But his worries don''t end there; seems the evil corporate empire that created RoboCop intends to develop a larger and more powerful version to replace the original.


After their titanic battle, RoboCop (Page Fletcher) and RoboCable are now wandering through "Old Detroit." RoboCop is rescued and repaired just in time by Ann R. Key, Lexx and Abby. But RoboCable is commandeered by Dr. David Kaydick, who plots to unleash a deadly weapon. Meanwhile, back at OCP, Sara orders James to take a new squad of RoboHunters and find RoboCop.

SKU # AB45714 | Model #

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