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Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - White
SKU# AC72612, Model# PX2222


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SKU # AC72612 | Model # PX2222

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Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Colour: White - Shape: Symmetrical - Body: Low Hump/Wide Waist - Weight: 53g(+-1g) - Grip Style: Fingertip or Claw - Sensor: PAW3395 - Switch: Optical - DPI: 26000 DPI - Polling Rate: 1000Hz/1ms - Encoder: Pulsar Blue - Dimensions: 120 x 63 x 38mm - PX2222

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: https://www.pulsar.gg/,

· Designed for Competitive eSports
· Wide Waist / Low Hump
· Symmetrical Shape
· Recommended for Claw / Palm Claw Grip
· Ultra-light Weight 53g

Introducing the X2V2, the gaming mouse with a familiar, ultra-comfortable shape for both relaxed claw and palm/claw grip users. 

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black


Introducing the X2V2, the gaming mouse with a familiar, ultra-comfortable shape for both relaxed claw and palm/claw grip users. Its revamped internals have been perfected through learning from the previous version, ensuring a stable shell and consistent, satisfying clicks. The new indirect wheel structure with precision ball bearings guarantees smooth rotations and snappy wheel clicks. Elevate your gaming with the X2V2, loved by top-tier eSports athletes for its exceptional performance and comfort.


Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black


Enhanced Main Clicks with a Sturdier Structure.


New cutting-edge design incorporates high-quality precision ball bearings, providing smoother rotations without any rattling.


Enhanced shell rigidity by adding more support while simultaneously reducing its weight.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black


You can either use it wirelessly or wired without the lag. Using the latest MCU and algorithm, it provides wire-free, consistent connectivity with a stable 1 ms report rate. Combining with Pixart’s flagship low-power sensor, it also allows the mouse to have an outstanding 100 hours battery life.

Comes with the next generation receiver and receiver 2.4Ghz adapter.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black


“Simple but not simpler.” We kept this in mind all the time whenwe designed X2 structure. We designed a structure as simpleas possible but maintained its durability. In the result, you aregetting high performance gaming mouse that is lighter thanthe egg in your hand.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black

Pulsar Blue Encoder

Introducing the Pulsar Blue Encoder, a recent breakthrough resulting from a successful collaboration with our trusted encoder manufacturing partner. This encoder is designed to provide users with a delightful tactile rotation sensation, all while operating quietly and smoothly. Moreover, its built-in dust-proof mechanism ensures a higher level of reliability by minimising the risk of potential faults caused by micro dust particles.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black


Optical switches avoid double-clicking issues because they don't have physical contacts prone to wear and bouncing, unlike mechanical switches. They use light-based detection, making unintended double clicks less likely. They are also fast due to this light-based detection mechanism, offering quick and precise responses. In addition, the switches are pre-sorted into 3 stages to provide you with light click switches.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black


Introducing the X2V2, featuring the latest flagship PixArt's PAW3395 sensor. With its impressive capabilities, including high performance at 26000 dpi, 650 IPS, and 50G acceleration, it is optimized to deliver a top-notch competitive gaming experience. The main chip processor has been upgraded to the industry's leading Nordic MCU, providing exceptional power efficiency and precise, fast processing. As a result, the battery life is extended, and the battery reading is now highly accurate, ensuring you can enjoy extended gaming sessions without worry.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black

PixArt Motion Sync Technology

This latest flagship sensor from Pixart has the highest specs in the market with extreme precision of 99.6% resolution accuracy. However, this does not mean the sensor is more accurate tracking. To make your sensor more accurate tracking, the Motion-Sync Technology is built into the sensor. Your PC extracts information from another sensor at a rate that does not perfectly match the signal the mouse sends out when it extracts information from another sensor. The Motion-Sync Technology synchronize its signals intelligently at the exact intervals your pc extracts information. This allows the tracking to be very accurate. However, this may cause some motion-delay (less than 1ms) that is not noticeable during in-game play. You can choose to turn on and off this Technology by Pulsar Fusion Software.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black

4K Polling Ready

Experience an enhanced cursor movement with the new Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle, providing smoother and crisper performance. Particularly valuable for high refresh rate monitors, the high polling rate ensures a more current flow of data, perfectly matching the display's faster frequency. By offering up to 4 times more data reports per second, the delay between the latest report and your monitor's frame rendering is significantly reduced compared to a 1000 Hz polling rate, resulting in a seamless and up-to-date cursor experience.

* Separate 4K Dongle Purchase required.

Pulsar X2V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse - Black

SKU # AC72612 | Model # PX2222

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