Priority 48 Hour* Dispatch
SKU# AB52376


SKU # AB52376 | Model #

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Priority 48 Hour Dispatch - General turnaround time is 3-6 Business Days. With Priority 48 Hour dispatch, we will prioritise your Custom PC order and make sure it is ready to GO ASAP

*For Systems Builds Only!*

Terms & Conditions for 48 Hour Priority Dispatch:

- Custom PC order must be placed prior to 11:00AM AEST during Mwave's business hours. (Excludes: weekends and public holidays).
- All orders must be paid via Credit Card or PayPal to avoid delay.
- All components selected for the Custom PC order, must be "In stock at Mwave" with a displayed "processing time of 24 hours"

- 48 hours commences after all components are allocated and excludes weekends (CreditCard orders could be delayed due to CC verification process)
- "Extended Custom PC testing - SKU# AB52377” cannot be selected with this service.
- PC must have no fault found during our testing phase, if a fault is found this may delay the progress and eventual dispatch of your system. 

For your Peace of Mind

If your systems takes longer than 48 hours to dispatch then we will provide a full refund of the "48 Hour Priority Dispatch Service Fee". We value our customers and take pride in our custom builds, so we will not ship out your custom PC unless it’s up to our standard. 

Other Services:

We also recommend these optional services for optimum performance of your Dream PC;-

  1. High Performance CPU Thermal Compound Application SKU# AB52363
  2. Extended Custom PC Testing SKU# AB52377 (not available with 48hr Priority Despatch)
  3. Advanced Transportation Packing Solution SKU# AB52361



SKU # AB52376 | Model #

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