Polycom VVX Expansion Module
SKU# AC19472, Model# 2200-46300-025

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SKU # AC19472 | Model # 2200-46300-025 | Brand Polycom

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Polycom VVX Expansion Module - Compatible with Polycom VVX 300/310/400/410/500/600 - Includes AUX cable and Attachment bracket - 40x Multifunctional line keys - Dimensions (DxHxW): 125 x 125 x 160mm - Call Appearance/Transfer, DSS, Line Registration, Speed Dial - 2200-46300-025 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
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· Provides cost effective call handling capabilities with directory cards that simplify monitoring/dispatching high numbers of static contacts
· Bi-colour LEDs offer flexible and intuitive call visualisation matching VVX phones
· 40 multifunctional line keys configurable as line registration, call appearance, speed dial, DSS, or BLF
· True Plug-and-Play device as power and signalling are provided by the host VVX Business media phone
· Supports all VVX business media phones for maximum flexibility

Polycom® VVX® Expansion Module

The Polycom VVX Expansion Module extends the functionality of Polycom VVX business media phones with multifunctional line keys that can be set up as line registrations, call appearances, speed-dials, direct station select or busy lamp field keys. The Polycom VVX Expansion Module is a cost-effective paper label solution for telephone attendants, receptionists, administrative staff, and other dispatchers who manage multiple simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis.

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SKU # AC19472 | Model # 2200-46300-025

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