Pioneer DVR-216BK High Speed SATA Multi-Format Drive
SKU# AA14594, Model# DVR-216BK

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SKU # AA14594 | Model # DVR-216BK | Brand Pioneer

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Pioneer DVR-216BK High Speed SATA Multi-Format Drive, Black, OEM

Pioneer DVR-216 boasts a greater range of overspeed burning support for common media types than any other drive. Even media sold under big brand names can vary in quality from batch to batch and this creates a situation where burning at high speed may not deliver the best results for any given media type. The optimal write speed setting enables the user to choose between best quality or fastest speed, providing improved burn quality for all media types when compared to just burning at full speed which would otherwise be the default. This is not a blanket "8x for all media types", it will be customized for each media type. Another common complaint about high speed DVD burners is noise when spinning at full speed. As soon as you spin a disc faster, it creates more noise, primarily because the spinning disc creates turbulence within the drive, causing air to rush in. In order to reduce the noise made by the drive, Pioneer redesigned the drive chassis and bezel completely, first to limit the noise made in the first place, and secondly, to trap what noise is made and keep it within the drive. Air vents in the tray allow for air to stay within the drive and not get bottled up, and an interlocking bezel design means you can control where air enters the drive. Dust is a major cause of premature drive failure. As a result of the design, the DVR-216 is much more resistant to dust entering the drive.

SKU # AA14594 | Model # DVR-216BK

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