Orico OPC-2A4U-BK 4-Port USB Charger with 2-Port Travel Power Board-Black
SKU# AB56376, Model# OPC-2A4U-BK

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SKU # AB56376 | Model # OPC-2A4U-BK | Brand Orico

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Orico OPC-2A4U-BK 4-Port USB Charger with 2-Port AC - 2 x 5V 2.4A Super Charging, 2 x 5V 1A USB Ports - 2 Outlets With Lightning-proof and Surge Protection Function - 2500W Max Load

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Charging cradle for digital devices

Integrated AC, USB, storage function

2 AC power sockets maximum load up to 2500W, able to supply power for general host and peripheral digital devices; integrated 2 x 5V1A intelligent charging port and 2 x 5V2A USB smart charging port to solve power problem of phone / tablet, while avoiding the external wire clutter, it also equips with innovative storage cradle, easy your life.

Intelligent identification

AS good as the original

Its USB charging interface is equipped with dual-core intelligent detection IC that can automatically recognize the device needs and detect equipment required current in real time. And then, OPC-2A4U overturned the traditional single charging mode, charging mobile phone, tablet, power bank, bluetooth headsets and other devices without damage, you don't have to worry about compatibility issues, it is the original charger for numerous devices.

Overload, lightning protection

Your equipment safe guard

Due to its up to 2500W rated power, it can be applied to more household appliances. Built-in overload protection and anti-surge lightning protection. In addition, it is also built in with multi safety protection system, such as PTC over-current, over-voltage protection, leakage, short circuit. Charge safer and more at ease.

750 celsius flame retardant

Use without worries

It's made of a premium quality fire resistant material that makes it fireproof of up to 750?. Moreover, it adopts crude copper wire that is higher than the industry standard, with good electrical conductivity and causes less heat. More efficient, safer to use.

50mm large hole spacing

Dedicated socket for large plug

ORICO OPC-2A4U uses silvering socket, which made of high conductivity and highly elastic copper material, very durable. Furthermore, it fits with large plug and can accommodate large-scale power adapter and plugs, without affecting the use of other sockets.

Removable plug thread

More convenient to carry and storage

This charger is equipped with a removable plug thread, easy to carry and storage, suitable for traveling or on business.


  • Item: ORICO USB Charging socket
  • Model: ORICO OPC-2A4U
  • Application: 5V USB charging devices
  • Color: Black
  • Interface: Smart 5V2.4A(MAX) Universal 5V1A
  • Material: High temperature fireproof materials
  • Size: 180 x 106 x 41mm
  • Maximum load power: 2500W
  • Power Switch: Yes
  • Application: Charging computer,audiophile,TV and Household Appliances, all kins of mobile phones,tablets,bluetooth,bank power,MP3 and other 5V digital product.
  • Certification:CE, ROHS and FCC approval

SKU # AB56376 | Model # OPC-2A4U-BK

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