Nuki Keypad
SKU# AC34976, Model# 220284

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SKU # AC34976 | Model # 220284 | Brand Nuki

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Nuki Keypad - 6-Digit Access Codes - Simple Mounting - Stores Up to 100 Different Access Codes - 220284 - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
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· 6-digit access codes and encrypted communication guarantee the highest level of security – which means your home is safe from unwanted guests.
· Forgot your smartphone? Battery dead? No problem! The Nuki Keypad is always there, where and when you need it – right on your doorstep.
· The Keypad is ideal for people who don’t have their own smartphone. It’s also a good backup for when your smartphone’s battery unexpectedly dies.

Simply for everyone.

The Keypad is the perfect add-on to your Nuki Smart Lock. No need to take anything with you: simply enter your 6-digit access code to give you and your guests easy access to your home – no need for accessories!


Nuki Buying Guide and Installation Checker

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SKU # AC34976 | Model # 220284

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