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Noontec Digital Hi-Fi Optical Fiber Audio S/PDIF 5M
SKU# AA05454

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SKU # AA05454 | Model # | Brand Noontec

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Noontec Digital Hi-Fi Optical Fiber Audio S/PDIF Cable - 5 Meters (WO-350)

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info:, [email protected]

Noontec WO-350 digital Hi-Fi optic fiber is specially made for HI-FI acoustics system and Home Theatre, and is the best choice for audio transmission of digital Home Theatre with latest Dolby AC3 and DTS Surround Sound technology. The special structure of the external layer of the optic fiber can shield any high-frequency EMI, so the digital optical signal transmission will not be affected by external factors, offering you finer and more vivid acoustic effect.

The product applies to the connection among the acoustic apparatuses with optic fiber digital input terminals, such as the optic output of power amplifier, blu-ray DVD, PS3, XBOX, HTPC, DVD, VCR and CD player. The digital optic fiber can be used as the media to transmit digital audio signal, while the traditional signal connection which takes copper line as the conductor is liable to the surrounding EMI; the optic fiber can transmit high-quality and clear sound, which is incomparable to traditional conductors; especially, the digital signal transmitted by the optic fiber can be made into 5.1 sound channel by digital decoder, and further form the Surround Sound Effect. In addition, the digital optic fiber is also the best way of recording high sound quality.

Remove the dust caps on two ends of the optic fiber plug; one plug is connected with OPT OUT, such as DVD, and the plug in the other end is inserted into the OPT IN of power amplifier. The plugs of the optic fiber shall be kept clean during the usage procedure.

SKU # AA05454 | Model #

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