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No Ding Grey Car Door Protector - Large Size
SKU# AC74186, Model# ND-1000GRY


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SKU # AC74186 | Model # ND-1000GRY | Brand No Ding

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No Ding Grey Car Door Protector - Large Size: 100cm x 50cm - ND-1000GRY

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info: https://noding.com.au/,

· Patented Advanced Impact Absorption
· Plush outer material that's gentle on your car's paintwork
· Magnet-Free - No Magnets used
· Adjustable size to fit most vehicles and easy to install
· Adaptable to weather conditions

Welcome to No Ding, where Innovation meets Automotive Car Care excellence.

No Ding Grey Car Door Protector - Large Size

Protect Your Car Doors

The No Ding car protector is designed to revolutionise vehicle with innovation and versatility.

Get ready for a game-changing product that redefines car protection. With our patent (pending) and years in the making, No Ding emerges as the culmination of extensive research and development, shaping the way we think about vehicle dent prevention.

Technological Edge

Advanced Impact Absorption Technology is the heart of No Ding. Explore the technological brilliance that makes us a true pioneer in Car Door Protection. During of our R&D, we conceived what we proudly call “Advanced Impact Absorption” technology, which enabled us to create an incredibly thin yet highly effective application. 

Comes in 2 Sizes - Universally Fits All Cars

Standard Size - ND550 (55cm x 50cm) 
Large Size – ND1000 (100cm x 50cm)

No Ding Grey Car Door Protector - Large Size


- Patented Advanced Impact Absorption technology.
- Universally fits on most cars.
- Comes in a Range of Colours.
- Installs in Seconds & Stores Easily. ** We DO NOT use Magnets **
- Exclusive Plush Outer Material that is Very Gentle on a Vehicle’s Paintwork.
- Able to Withstand Significant Bumps
- Weather Friendly – It can endure harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat and rain.
- Easy to Clean and Maintain.
- Multifaceted and Dynamic – Car Door Protector and Merchandise Marketing Product.
- Designed and Engineered in Sydney, Australia 

SKU # AC74186 | Model # ND-1000GRY

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