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New Potato Pinball Magic Arcade for iPhone
SKU# AA28145

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SKU # AA28145 | Model # | Brand New Potato

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New Potato - Pinball Magic - Arcade pinball action for iPhone, iPhone 4 and iPod touch

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty

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Are you ready to take the plunge?

Work your slap save, backhands, drop stop, bounce pass, and death save on this working pinball machine [app]cessory!

Just like the classic cabinets only smaller, Pinball Magic is a time machine that recreates classic arcade pinball action on your iPhone or iPod touch. Side mounted flipper buttons, realistic ball-launching plunger and even a credit/select button immerse you in the game play while the oscillating LED beacon and animated backbox set the stage to show your pinball wizard skills!

Works with the FREE Pinball Magic app to create realistic, challenging and engaging game play bringing a portable arcade experience.

Slide your iPhone/iPod touch into the Pinball Magic appcessory and dock it to the 30-Pin connector.

Pinball Magic is powered by your iPhone or iPod touch, no external power required.

Apple iPhone or iPod touch running OS 3.0 (or higher)

Classic pinball game controls: Ball-launching plunger, flipper buttons, credit/select button.
Animated backbox and rotating beacon light up to reward your pinball wizard skills.
Realistic machine cabinet with folding legs for easy transport storage.

Dazzingly real gaming experience
Classic and unique playboard layouts
Advanced multi-level and multiplayer competition
Various multi-ball modes
End-of-ball and replay bonuses
Tilt detection, tilt warning and activation
Build high scores to unlock other games
Support for third party pinball titles coming soon!

SKU # AA28145 | Model #

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