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Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren
SKU# AC40888, Model# NIS01-P

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SKU # AC40888 | Model # NIS01-P

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Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren - 110dB Alarm, pre-recorded sounds to simulate presence, vibration sensor for tamper detection - Power: Battery-operated or hardwired through microUSB cable (not included) - Requirements: Smart Indor Siren only works with the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, Sold Seperately. Needs to be installed indoors, in the same room as the camera. Maximum 1 siren per camera - Wireless connection - App Compatibility: Minimum iOS 10/Android 5.0 - NIS01-P - 12 Months Limited Warranty

Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Limited Warranty
Manufacturer Contact Info:,

· Automatic 110-decibel alarm when an intruder is detected.
· Alarm System arms and disarms itself automatically.
· Install it in minutes.
· Pre-recorded noises make it sound like someone’s home.
· Smartphone notification if someone tries to disable the Indoor Siren.

The Smart Indoor Siren and Camera team up to keep your home extra secure.

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren works perfectly with your Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera to keep your home safe. Using facial recognition, the camera distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar faces, animals, and harmless movements. No false alarms! If an intruder is detected, it sends a notification to your smartphone, while the Indoor Siren automatically sounds its deafening 110-decibel alarm.

The Netatmo Smart Alarm System arms and disarms itself automatically when you leave and return home. So if you dash out of the house to catch your train and forget to switch on the alarm, no  problem!  In addition, facial recognition prevents the Indoor Siren from going off when your children come home but raises the alarm if it detects an intruder while you are away.

The Smart Indoor Siren is easy to set up. Start by downloading the Netatmo Security app and follow the instructions. Simply place your Indoor Siren on a shelf or table or fix it to the wall next to your Smart Indoor Camera. The Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren can run on battery power or plugged in - it’s up to you.

When it comes to deterring an intruder, you can never take too many precautions. In addition to its 110-decibel alarm, the Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren offers a selection of pre-recorded noises, including music and the sound of a dog barking. Select what it plays to make it sound like you’re home - even when you’re not.

Your Smart Indoor Siren tells you when someone tries to disable it.  You receive an instant notification on your smartphone while your Indoor Siren sounds its 110-decibel alarm. Deter intruders and prevent break-ins effortlessly.

Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren


SKU # AC40888 | Model # NIS01-P

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